what i wore: comfy cape

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i have a love/hate relationship with capes. okay, really i love them, adore them actually. but can some retailer please make a coat that fits over a cape? i have all these capes and i stare at them wanting to put them on and brunch in them but then realize its about 5 degrees outside and i need a coat to go over it. on this particular day, i literally squeezed my cape under my coat, but it wasn’t pretty. anywho, i think they are the best weekend wear when you are running errands and such, you can throw them on with some skinnies and brunch to your hearts content. any capes your loving lately? and has anyone found a coat that fits over these capes? please share, i’d love to hear!

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cape: forever21 | pants: nordstrom | boots: frye (on sale now!) | shirt: leith |  hat: h&m (similar) | purse: market in italy

what i wore: comfy cape