walkin’ on sunshine

it’s about a week since we have been back in chicago and i think  i am ready for another vacation, wouldn’t that be nice? corbin and i were in jamaica for six days and it was a much needed break from life in the city. if you’d like to see, here’s a little peek into our trip…

jamaicaDSC00970photo 1most days were spent lounging on the beach, reading books, pretending to be a dolphin in the water and scarfing down the best jerk chicken i have ever had right on the beach. i am now on a quest to find or create the same chicken, i’ll let ya know how that one turns out. however, one day we were feeling adventurous and we hopped on a boat to go snorkeling and cliff jumping, it even included a complimentary foot massage on the way back, sold.DSC00917DSC00925DSC00941photo 5DSC00831DSC00969DSC00820we stayed in lucea, about an hour from montego bay, and it couldn’t have been nicer. the people in jamaica really do make the country what it is today, i wish i could have bottled up their personalities and brought it back! and if i learned one thing from the trip it was..”we don’t have problems here, we only have situations.” ha! words to live by. the last day we were there, we found this secret spot next to the spa with all different types of showers, however this one had to be my favorite by far… DSC00979DSC00981and by the end of our trip, i made a new little friend. let’s call him harry..DSC00899

walkin’ on sunshine

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