of a kind

baggu bagstriped tee

working at a startup myself, its always great to hear encouraging stories from others about their feelings on the community. sometimes it can be tough, controlled chaos many say, but it is also just as much rewarding to see a company, your company, grow.

i was perusing mashable’s new series, “the first 100,” when i came across a great new fashion startup and shopping destination — of a kind. created by friends claire mazur and erica cerulo, ‘of a kind’ is a one-stop-shop for everything unique + up and coming.


“We aim to support and promote on-the-rise fashion designers who get us excited by giving you access to their unique products and stories. we hope to offer something special and rare to others like us: People who want to know the story behind everything, people who are the first to hear the next big artist/designer/musician/chef, people who shop as much for the expereince as they do for the product.”

the online site offers a wide variety of products that feel truly special, from apparel to jewelry to weekender bags. i’ve shown you some of my favorites, what are yours?

baseball tee

of a kind

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