hey weekend, let’s get comfy

homealoneso, while it has been extremely cold in chicago the past few weeks (hello -2 yesterday), i can’t say i completely hate it. while yes, waiting for the bus in negative weather is not my cup of tea, it’s nice in a sense that you don’t feel any guilt when cozying up inside all weekend with the christmas lights on, candles burning, watching christmas movie after christmas movie — which is exactly what’s on my agenda. movies that make the cut? the santa clause, home alone(s), the holiday, polar express and for some odd reason i classify “you’ve got mail” as a christmas movie which i still can’t figure out. and because i can’t help but share, here’s a few of my favorite links from the last week. have a cheery weekend!

a riveting mini-series on the new york city ballet.

the perfect dinner party hors d’oeuvres.

what’s your states favorite pizza?

the funniest christmas list, the commentary is the best.

i loved this post on thick brows, sign me up.

biggest food crazes of 2013.

well this is funny.

agreed, diana vreeland.

for all you people who don’t have a fireplace like me, enjoy this one + christmas music!

hey weekend, let’s get comfy

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