a must see: blackfish

orca whalesi was at work, and all of the sudden there was a mild argument going on about whales. i just sat there thinking, “how in the world did this come up?” — which is where “blackfish” comes along. the little debate going on in front of me was whether to feel bad for the whales that are locked up or the families who have lost someone because of the whales. in my humble opinion, i feel terrible for both. i won’t go too far into detail, but this heart-wrenching documentary follows the whale Tilikum from when he was captured from the ocean at age 2  into captivity where he is now 31, and a whopping 12,000 pounds. there are certainly ups and downs to this documentary but i believe a must see if only to shed light on what’s happening in this world we live in. you can get a little preview here to see if you’re up for it. have any of you seen it? if so, what are your thoughts?


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ps – 6 ways you can help save killer whales via takepart

a must see: blackfish

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