hourglassfull disclosure: i love color. no debate, i am 100% drawn to florals, prints, bright colors, pastel colors. always have, always will and that is the truth. but then i was looking at fashion & design i’ve been into slash loving lately and oddly, they were all made up of blacks and whites to creams and grays. i do find this funny, but maybe at the ripe old age of twenty-four, i’m settling down and getting dull. not that it’s a bad thing, the contrary actually; all of the objects and art shown whether it be a print or head to toe black outfit have such depth, that color is essentially unneeded. and can i just add that the “wedding blanket” below would pretty much just make any bedroom go from blah to oh my gahhhh in .2 seconds. yep, that happened. what do you think? are you a color or neutrals person? i always thought i was colorful, but maybe i’m migrating on over to the dark side (or bright side!)

all black


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life lately

photo 1 copy(the best chocolate croissants – from trader joe’s!)

whew! things have been insanely busy lately, in a good way. the past few weeks have been filled with visitors from home and a quick trip to detroit. one from my mom for a little mother/daughter time, the next from one of my closest friends + her family (with two little ones under 2!) and then back to detroit for a red wings game. plus lots of smaller activities, like a french countryside cooking class at the wooden spoon. while i loved every moment of it, i am definitely counting down the days to this saturday when hopefully we have zero plans and can mosey around chicago with no agenda. here are a few iphone shots from the past few weeks, enjoy and wishing your week goes by quick!

photo 5 copy (lunch with my mom at RL Restaurant)

photo-3 (to get or not to get this hat, that is the question)

photo 2 copy (Corbin meeting Brooks for the first time!)

photo 1 copy 2 (waiting for the bus, which accounts for 50% of my life, i swear)

photo 2 copy 2 (french countryside cooking class at the wooden spoon!)

photo 2 (friends at the red wings game)

life lately

dream car getaway

photo 1 if there were a car that were made for me, this would be it. my sister has been galavanting through rome and europe (i suppose some call it study abroad) and snapped this keeper a few days back. i just cannot tear myself away from it. doesn’t this make you want to hop in the car for an afternoon drive with your picnic on the back (!!) and some nice company? the only problem would be red or white wine, and thats a good problem to have. 2

dream car getaway


charlestonday dreaming of charleston — the battery, the homes that are sherbet colored with porches to swoon over and the southern hospitality that keeps you coming back. i could walk the streets for hours just taking in the beautiful gardens and people that are charleston. my mom and i have planned a quick girls trip for the weekend of thanksgiving and i couldn’t be more excited! some other things currently on my mind…

this skillet lasagna looks to die.

i’ve heard wonderful things about this book.

don’t you just want to curl up and read a book in the newly renovated nook? all of emily’s makeovers are beautifully designed and curated.

sad, but true most weeks.

why does this child look so unhappy? that is my dream.


easy way to be the perfect mix of girly + comfy.

happy reading & even happier monday to all!

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