hourglassfull disclosure: i love color. no debate, i am 100% drawn to florals, prints, bright colors, pastel colors. always have, always will and that is the truth. but then i was looking at fashion & design i’ve been into slash loving lately and oddly, they were all made up of blacks and whites to creams and grays. i do find this funny, but maybe at the ripe old age of twenty-four, i’m settling down and getting dull. not that it’s a bad thing, the contrary actually; all of the objects and art shown whether it be a print or head to toe black outfit have such depth, that color is essentially unneeded. and can i just add that the “wedding blanket” below would pretty much just make any bedroom go from blah to oh my gahhhh in .2 seconds. yep, that happened. what do you think? are you a color or neutrals person? i always thought i was colorful, but maybe i’m migrating on over to the dark side (or bright side!)

all black


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