life lately

photo 1 copy(the best chocolate croissants – from trader joe’s!)

whew! things have been insanely busy lately, in a good way. the past few weeks have been filled with visitors from home and a quick trip to detroit. one from my mom for a little mother/daughter time, the next from one of my closest friends + her family (with two little ones under 2!) and then back to detroit for a red wings game. plus lots of smaller activities, like a french countryside cooking class at the wooden spoon. while i loved every moment of it, i am definitely counting down the days to this saturday when hopefully we have zero plans and can mosey around chicago with no agenda. here are a few iphone shots from the past few weeks, enjoy and wishing your week goes by quick!

photo 5 copy (lunch with my mom at RL Restaurant)

photo-3 (to get or not to get this hat, that is the question)

photo 2 copy (Corbin meeting Brooks for the first time!)

photo 1 copy 2 (waiting for the bus, which accounts for 50% of my life, i swear)

photo 2 copy 2 (french countryside cooking class at the wooden spoon!)

photo 2 (friends at the red wings game)

life lately

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