beautiful words

getting aheadsometimes life can feel like you’re trying your best, and you aren’t getting anywhere. i’ve felt like this a lot in the past year — moving to a new city, trying to meet new people, find a career that’s right for me — blah blah blah. but then i realized, its all about the journey. life isn’t going to be easy 100% of the time, i’m going to worry about things and wonder why i haven’t figured it all out yet, and this is just all part of life and things that (i think!) everyone goes through. so, when i saw these words – they resonated with me. i’ve always wanted to blog, but i didn’t want to fail. BUT you can’t fail until you’ve tried right? so here i am! i am trying to get ahead by getting started. happy monday, lovelies!

pretty words via Oh Joy blog.

beautiful words

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